Rashid Kay Explains His Decision To Release Stogie T Diss Track

Rashid Kay Explains His Decision To Release Stogie T Diss Track. The SA Hip Hop scene has consistently seen a surge in diss tracks dropping nearly every year. While it might seem like diss songs are primarily the domain of up-and-coming artists vying for attention, that assumption doesn’t hold true. Even seasoned veterans of the genre, the OGs of the game, have employed this tactic to confront their conflicts.

Rashid Kay Explains His Decision To Release Stogie T Diss Track

Last Friday, the culture was treated to a surprise diss track titled OG vs A Nigga That’s Old from the veteran rapper and media personality Rashid Kay aiming at his fellow OG, Stogie T . Rashid dropped a diss track accompanied by a music video and the song has garnered massive reaction and ignited conversation within the SA Hip Hop culture.

The track came following Stogie T’s remarks about Rashid Kay being just an old guy in the industry instead of an OG. “Gentlemen, there’s a whole era of SA Hip Hop that predates the club, and Rashid Kay wasn’t a part of it,” Stogie T said.

“Zingah good luck on the YFM job bro we are all gonna need you to know the difference between an OG and a n***g that is just old, respectfully.”

Speaking to The Citizen publication, Rashid Kay emphasized that the diss track remains the quintessential Hip Hop method for addressing conflicts, steering clear of online back-and-forth exchanges. “There was a lot of back and forth on the Internet, I decided to do it the Hip Hop way and release a diss track,” he said.

Rashid Kay‘s diss track sparked a range of reactions among fans entrenched in the SA Hip Hop culture and familiar with the history of diss tracks in the genre. While some were critical of his approach, others lauded him for his boldness and courage.

Acknowledging the varied reactions to his track, Rashid noted that he anticipated such responses from fans. However, he emphasized that his primary objective was to address his feud with Tumi, a goal he felt he successfully achieved.

“Obviously, there’s mixed feelings, that’s expected,” said Rashid. “If you check the comments on YouTube, some love it and others don’t. I wanted to address it [the Stogie beef] once and for all. If he responds, it’s cool.” He added.

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