SAPS Explains The Delay In The Arrest Of AKA & Tibz Murder Suspects

SAPS Explains The Delay In The Arrest Of AKA & Tibz Murder Suspects. Saturday, February 10, 2024, marked 1 year since the sorrowful night that shook the entire nation with heartbreaking news of AKA and Tibz’s tragic deaths. Kiernan Forbes and his close friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane were fatally attacked outside the Wish Restaurant in Durban on that fateful evening.

SAPS Reveals The Delay In The Arrest Of AKA & Tibz Murder Suspects

Since that time, law enforcement authorities have not yet confirmed any arrests in connection with the murders of AKA and Tibz, and investigations into the case are still ongoing. The lack of progress in making arrests and the absence of communication regarding the case has sparked widespread outcry among fans and the families of the victims, all of whom are demanding justice to be served and for the legal process to be upheld.

Brigadier Athlenda Mathe, the police spokesperson, said that the task force overseeing the murder case of AKA and Tibz is actively pursuing leads to make significant arrests.

“The SAPS acknowledges and understands that this is a very sensitive matter. We would like to assure affected families and the public that we have spent countless hours and endless manpower on tracing those behind these murders in the past year.

The police spokesperson also acknowledged the dearth of communication with the families and the public, clarifying that it was not intentional but rather due to the sensitive stage reached in the investigation.

“The limited communication was not at all intended to undermine any of the affected families. We will however endeavour to improve on this in the near future. We are aware of limited communication with the affected families, the investigation is at a very sensitive stage and we have therefore decided to limit all communication related to this matter,” she said in a statement.

During an interview on ENCA, Mathe assured the public that despite the lack of communication regarding the murder case of AKA and Tibz there has been great progress with some suspects already incarcerated for other offences, while others remain at large.

“We have positive evidence linking identified suspects, others are in custody related to other matters.

“Others are on the run, and the team is hot on their heels,” she added.

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