Kid X Reacts To Releasing New Music Following Lengthy Hiatus

Kid X Reacts To Releasing New Music Following Lengthy Hiatus. When discussing the significant contributors to South African Hip Hop culture, it’s impossible not to mention Kid X. This legendary rapper has left an indelible mark on the scene, shaping its landscape with his unique style and impactful contributions.

Kid X Reacts To Releasing New Music Following Lengthy Hiatus

The rapper has not been heavily active in the game for a significant time, but this year he has decided to once again grace his fans and the SA Hip Hop community with a new single titled eStasie. Taking to Twitter (X), the famed rapper announced the release of the track with fans expressing positive responses to the rapper’s comeback to music. “New Music Alert !!! KiDX – eStasie (prod. by Toni Twelf)… RT to the World,” KidX announced.

In another post, Mtan ‘Omuntu hitmaker expressed his excitement to be releasing music again following a lengthy break. “feels so good to have new music out!” KidX said. The rapper has been out enhancing his musical craft by going to school and learning about the business side of the music industry.

“So my present reality at the moment is I’m at school. I’m finalizing what I’m studying, I’m studying a qualification called Studio Works at Revolution Media Academy. It’s in line with the music. The reason for that is I felt like I needed to up-skill myself and take this thing a bit more seriously you know. Because for the past 12,13 years, I think I’ve been doing it at a very amateur level because I didn’t have certain things under my belt.” He said.

The rapper had previously promised the release of new music in the form of a music project, and the release of his single eStasie is the beginning of something exceptional from Kid X. “People know me as a musician and they want to know. So to that, I say to you, there’s definitely music on the way. There’s a project that’s almost 80% done,” said Kid X.

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