Loki Sings Praises Of Nasty C’s “Endless” Track

Loki Sings Praises Of Nasty C’s “Endless” Track. Offering mutual praise and support within the competitive landscape of South African Hip Hop has become a prevalent practice. SA rappers are actively promoting each other’s work to ensure the genre remains vibrant and relevant within the broader conversation of the South African music industry.

Loki Sings Praises Of Nasty C’s “Endless” Track

Taking to Twitter (X), former Skhanda World Records artist Loki took time to praise Nasty C’s track from his “I Love It Here” album, “Endless.” Loki stated that the track is underrated expressing that he just discovered how great the song is. @Nasty_CSA ‘s Endless is underrated…I just realised how great that song is,” Loki said.

The track Endless is a solid masterpiece as the song delves deeper into the themes of love,  triumph, and purpose. “Endless” stands as evidence of Nasty C‘s artistic evolution, highlighting his exceptional talent for exploring profound human emotions. Through this track, he authentically expresses raw feelings, showcasing his growth.

In the song, the Durban-born rapper redefines the concept of love, expressing a sentiment of deep affection: “Take the word ‘love’ and I redefine it. My heart is yours, baby if you can find it.” These lyrics symbolize the abundant love he receives from those closest to him, including his dedicated fans.

With Loki now venturing out on his own, fans are eager to see if the two Durban rappers will join forces on a track.

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