Aewon Wolf Ponders Taking His Talents To Book Writing

Aewon Wolf Ponders Taking His Talents To Book Writing. Aewon Wolf previously enjoyed a fair share of success in SA Hip Hop when he made his breakthrough. The Durban rapper has not been heavily active in making music, but he has not shied away from his creative talents.

Aewon Wolf Ponders Taking His Talents To Book Writing

Currently, the rapper has ventured into the realm of binaural music and meditation. Embracing this new avenue, he explores the depths of auditory experiences and promotes mental wellness through his work. Taking to Twitter (X), the famed rapper shared a video clip in the bush sharing with his followers some of his jungle beats.

“I’ve been off this platform for a very long time now and even though I really love my off-grid life. I thought let me share some jungle beats I made in the jungle here. rapping about my thoughts on my relationship with social media, nothing crazy just for fun,” wrote Aewon Wolf.

The rapper’s new initiative garnered a positive reception from his followers and fans, with one of them expressing curiosity about the possibility of him penning a book. “Welcome back Aewon. This is so cool. Do you consider writing a book?” Read the post.

Aewon responded by acknowledging that the idea of writing a book had crossed his mind before. However, he noted that the timing wasn’t quite right to embark on that journey just yet, as he still feels there’s much to learn and experience before delving into such a project.

“I have thought about it but I also, feel like there’s just so much I am still learning and unlearning that it might be too early even though there’s so much I’ve already experienced,” he said.

Aewon Wolf has remained tight-lipped regarding any potential upcoming music releases for his SA Hip Hop fans, maintaining a sense of mystery after dropping his single “We See You” last year.

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