Boity’s Bottle Blues: Perfume Business Purpotedly Hits Snag

Boity’s Bottle Blues: Perfume Business Purpotedly Hits Snag. Many South African rappers seamlessly navigate between their music careers and ventures in the corporate world. However, not all of them achieve equal success in both realms. Boity, for instance, might’ve found herself facing challenges with her perfume business, which appeared to have faltered in the market.

Boity’s Bottle Blues: Perfume Business Purpotedly Hits Snag

Boity Thulo‘s foray into the fragrance industry appears to have hit a snag. The popular South African media personality and rapper launched her perfume line, “Boity: Pink Sapphire,” in 2020 but the business might have fallen in hard times.

The rapper has received a flurry of criticism on social media for putting in place a lacklustre marketing effort for her perfume business. This backlash followed a viral image displaying the original price of the perfume alongside a heavily discounted price, dropping significantly from R595 to R60.

Adding insult to injury, several critics voiced their lack of enthusiasm for Boity’s perfume following the rapper’s derogatory remark labelling them as unemployed roaches.

Teaming up with Holo Heritage, renowned for crafting exquisite fragrances tailored for the contemporary African woman, the rapper had high hopes for a successful business venture. However, the market might haven’t been as receptive to her fragrance as she had anticipated.

Prior to the 2020 launch of her fragrance, Boity reserved 1000 bottles for an exclusive pre-sale, which garnered immense interest and excitement. However, the sustained success of the business may have not met expectations in the long run.

β€œSales open on 11 September (2020) but we’ve set aside 1Β 000 bottles for an exclusive pre-sales offer – open now. Be one of the first 1Β 000 to purchase a bottle of Boity Pink Sapphire Eau de Parfum and receive the limited edition Regal Glam Bonnet,” said Boity on the launch of her perfume.

On a previous occasion, the ‘Wuz Dat’ hitmaker ventured into the realm of perfume branding with a body spray line back in 2018. However, it eventually faded into obscurity, marking a prior attempt in her fragrance entrepreneurship journey.

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