J Molley Reveals He’s Getting Death Threats

J Molley Reveals He’s Getting Death Threats. J Molley has been relentlessly striving to assert his presence in the hip-hop culture with fresh music, reemerging after a period of hiatus.

J Molley Reveals He’s Getting Death Threats

The rapper issued a statement apologizing to his fans for certain actions, as he begins a journey towards sobriety. “My addiction clouded my judgement, distorted my priorities and led me down the path of distraction, affecting not only myself but also those around me.

I’ve recognised the harm I’ve caused, the relationships I’ve strained and the trust I’ve shattered. I can’t explain why I made so many mistakes, why I repeated them knowing I was digging a hole too deep to climb out. I only know I did that and that I’m deeply sorry.” He said.

Despite his efforts to navigate a life free from conflict or harm, the rapper has encountered a new challenge. J Molley took to Instagram to disclose that he’s been targeted with death threats, bravely sharing one of the menacing messages he received.

“You can run motherf**ck*r block me here to… Ima catch you or your f**ckn brother you a b**ch Molley death is coming your way white boy trust me. Got tabs on your family I will keep you updated but we gonna meet believe me,” read the death threat message.

Although the precise origin or motive behind the threats remains uncertain, J Molley conveyed his distress regarding the situation, noting that this is not the first instance he has received such threats. “Getting Tired Of These Death Threats,” J Molley said.

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