Moozlie Gets Cozy In A Video Clip With New Boyfriend?

Moozlie Gets Cozy In A Video Clip With New Boyfriend? The South African entertainment scene never fails to serve up fresh delights for its avid fans, who eagerly keep their fingers on the pulse, hungry for the latest breaking news and thrilling content.

Moozlie Gets Cozy In A Video Clip With New Boyfriend?

In the latest melodrama, it’s the magnetic rapper Moozlie who takes the spotlight after posting a tantalizing video snippet capturing her in the intimate company of a mystery man. Taking to Instagram, the famed rapper shared a video clip as she was being welcomed back home at the airport from a trip in Dubai with a man whom she did not reveal his face.

In the captivating video, the two figures are enveloped in a tender embrace, exchanging affectionate hugs and gentle kisses, setting the stage for rampant speculation. As viewers are drawn into the intimate moment, a question lingers in the air like a mist of intrigue: Could this be a sign that Moozlie has ventured into the realm of a new romance, following her breakup with Sbuda?

The scene unfolds with tantalizing ambiguity, leaving fans and onlookers alike to dissect every subtle gesture and whisper of possibility eagerly. During an interview on Choppin It With Bhuda T Podcast, the famed rapper and presenter confirmed her breakup with long-time boyfriend Sbuda Roc.

“Im a bad b*tch, I’m a bad b*tch, that’s all you need to know,” Moozlie said. “I’m actually single, I’m single, life happens and that’s okay. One thing about me, if I’m into you and I like you, you will know.” 

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