Ntukza Weighs In On P Diddy’s Sexual Assault Allegations

Ntukza Weighs In On P Diddy’s Sexual Assault Allegations. Music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs is embroiled in allegations of sexual assault. The accusations against Combs stem from lawsuits filed by four different women.

Ntukza Weighs In On P Diddy’s Sexual Assault Allegations

The first allegation came to light in November 2023 when his former partner, singer Cassie (real name Casandra Ventura), filed a lawsuit accusing Combs of rape, physical abuse, and forcing her into sexual encounters with male prostitutes over ten years. This lawsuit was settled out of court the following day.

Combs has vehemently denied all allegations, calling them “sickening” and a deliberate attempt to tarnish his reputation. His lawyers maintain his innocence and have vowed to fight the charges. There have been different opinions towards P Diddy‘s recent accusations with fans and music industry personality sharing their opinion regarding these scathing allegations.

SA Hip hop veteran Ntukza recently took to Instagram to express his views on P Diddy’s accusations. He emphasized that the US rapper has faced considerable challenges, suggesting that the public often singles out famous individuals for their mistakes, despite similar actions being commonplace among ordinary people.

“Diddy the new global symbol of sexual immorality. It’s easy to point fingers at famous people doing wrong but I’m certain that normal people are doing the worst dirt out there too,” Ntukza said. “Just won’t be investigated because they are not famous but if normal people were investigated you would be shocked they done way more than R Kelly, Harvey and Diddy.

Ntukza further noted that public figures face unique challenges, despite many incidents being connected to ordinary members of society. He emphasized the importance of holding everyone accountable during investigations, regardless of their status.

“Public figures have it more difficult, yet all these sexual offences could be linked to civil society members too, no one must be spared. If you are not famous stay there, being famous means you have less freedom to do anything at all without being noticed & even exposed, I hate being known,” Ntukza added.

In the wake of P Diddy’s accusation, the rapper has not been formally charged or accused by federal prosecutors of any crime.

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