Saudi Reveals Why He Exclusively Follows Ruff On Twitter (X)

Saudi Reveals Why He Exclusively Follows Ruff On Twitter (X). The bond between an artist and a producer in the music industry often extends far beyond professional collaboration, sometimes evolving into a deep brotherhood.

Saudi Reveals Why He Exclusively Follows Ruff On Twitter (X)

This phenomenon is especially notable in the South African hip-hop scene, where rappers forge strong connections with their producers, particularly after achieving success together on notable music projects. SA Hip Hop has been graced with phenomenal producers such as Ruff, MashBeatz, Zoocci Coke Dope, and J Smash among others.

These producers boast an impressive track record of successful music projects, which have served as sources of inspiration for numerous South African rappers in the industry. Saudi is among the rappers who have found inspiration in producer Ruff, acknowledging that he has gained significant musical insights from the renowned producer.

This admiration is evident as Saudi exclusively follows Ruff on Twitter, highlighting the profound influence Ruff has had on his artistic journey. Taking to Twitter (X), Saudi responded to one of his fans who asked him why he’s only following one person on Twitter (X). “why are you following one person dawg?” Read the post.

In response, Saudi expressed gratitude towards Ruff, attributing his unique musical style to the guidance and teachings received from the esteemed producer. Saudi openly extolled Ruff’s influence, praising his mentorship in shaping his approach to music creation.

“That one person is the person that taught me how to make music the way I do. My producer Ruff Oh Honey I love you all! I need and appreciate your support,” Saudi said.

Recently, the “Dark Dindy” hitmaker hosted a Music And Soul Sunday event, bringing together his fans at the Artistry venue to perform tracks from his latest album, “Msotra Dont Die.” With the fervour growing among Saudi’s fanbase, the renowned rapper has unequivocally stated that he is actively engaged in crafting a new album. However, he has chosen to keep the release date and other particulars under wraps for now.

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