Touchline Truth On Why He Calls Himself The GOAT In “Say It Yourself”

Touchline Truth On Why He Calls Himself The GOAT In “Say It Yourself.” Hip-hop as a genre, embodies the spirit of competition, where every artist strives to ascend to the peak through their music and the lucrative deals they secure. This journey is fueled by the unwavering support of fans, propelling artists towards legendary status as the Greatest of All Time (GOAT).

Touchline Truth On Why He Calls Himself The GOAT In “Say It Yourself”

South African Hip Hop has experienced a surge of talented rappers emerging over time, each injecting a fresh energy and perspective into the scene. Among these rising stars is Touchline Truth, whose impactful string of hits has left an indelible mark on South African Hip Hop culture, resonating profoundly with the youth across the nation.

With the significant impact and influence he’s already achieved, the Tembisa-born rapper firmly believes he’s attained the status of the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) and proudly identifies himself as such. During an interview on No Chill Vodcast, the Action Over Caption hitmaker said that if he doesn’t identify himself as a GOAT no one else will.

“For me, forget pronounce, forget male or female, I identify as a GOAT and if I dont say that to myself, who’s going to say it to me? So the line says; ‘ I’m the greatest I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of greats so I’m not being ignorant please,” he said reciting his new song ‘Say It Yourself.’

“The whole concept of saying it to yourself is you are what you say you are. Very recently I had like somebody maybe give me an identity. Somebody that I had a relationship with, she came and said this is you, you were like this and she said very hurtful things and they made me question who I am, because I thought about it and I was like I wasn’t that, I remember the sacrifices I made even though they didn’t seem like enough for you.

“But I remember what it took for me to make those sacrifices. So when she said those things to me, I started believing her and started looking at myself as that and I was like my parents didn’t raise that. I didn’t work so hard to become that, there’s no way I’m that. Just to give you a context of why you have to say it to yourself if you dont tell yourself who you are, people will give you an identity and you can’t move that identity that people gave you,” said Touchline Truth.

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