Youngsta CPT Marks 5th Anniversary Of His “Timeless” Debut Album ‘3T’

Youngsta CPT Marks 5th Anniversary Of His “Timeless” Debut Album ‘3T.’ There’s unequivocal consensus within the South African Hip Hop scene that Youngsta CPT stands tall as one of the preeminent figures in lyrical dexterity and contemporary rap artistry.

Youngsta CPT Marks 5th Anniversary Of His “Timeless” Debut Album ‘3T’

The Cape Town rap superstar proved his worth after he dropped his first-ever rap album ‘3T.’ The body of work did not contain any features as the Main Ou’s hitmakers delivered a body of work that went on to clinch the Best Hip Hop Album at the SA Hip Hop Awards in 2019.

The renowned rapper took to the digital stage of Twitter (X) to commemorate a remarkable milestone in his career journey. With palpable pride and infectious enthusiasm, he shared his gratitude and excitement for his accomplishments and the promising horizons ahead.

“The word classic is thrown around a lot these days so I’ll just say Happy Birthday to a TIMELESS body of work. 5 years ago, my debut & ONLY album was released fully independently… 20 tracks. No features. 3T THINGS TAK3 TIME, ‘31 years ahead of time’ coming soon” wrote Youngsta CPT.

Since its release, “3T” has garnered widespread praise for its astounding lyricism, captivating production, and Youngsta CPT‘s distinctive flow. The album has become a cornerstone of his discography, solidifying his position as one of the leading voices in South African hip-hop.

This year, Youngsta CPT has once again graced the airwaves with a magnetic presence, treating fans of South African hip-hop to a cascade of new musical offerings. With each release, he reaffirms his commitment to his craft and unwavering dedication to his loyal following within the vibrant SA Hip Hop community.

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