Yungseruno Opens About A Tainted Relationship With His Late Father

Yungseruno Opens About A Tainted Relationship With His Late Father. Rebuilding connections with those we cherish is incredibly important in our fleeting lives. South African Hip Hop DJ Yungseruno knows this all too well, as he grapples with the weight of regret stemming from a strained relationship with his now departed father.

Yungseruno Opens About A Tainted Relationship With His Late Father

Taking to Twitter (X), the famed DJ candidly shared about his troubled relationship with his deceased father, revealing years of harboured resentment. Yungseruno disclosed that he only learned about his father’s passing, which occurred in 2019, just two days ago.

“not really one to post personal affairs buh me and my biological dad never really saw eye to eye and I’ve always had resentment towards anything concerning him buh 2 days ago I found out he passed on in 2019 this really really broke n shuttered me, moral of this is life is short.” Yungseruno said.

In his message, Yungseruno proceeded to counsel his followers, urging them to mend fractured relationships with their loved ones while there’s still time, hoping they might evade the same regretful misstep he made. “never let your anger and emotions drive you fix things with your loved ones while they’re still around,” he added.

Despite grappling with personal issues, Yungseruno finds solace and fulfilment in his current tenure at Emtee Records. The Hip-hop DJ remains dedicated to his craft and is actively involved in the label’s efforts to release new music. Alongside fellow artists at the record label, he is passionately working on bringing fresh sounds to his audience, channelling his creativity and energy into the creation of impactful music.

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