Zaddy Swag Explains Why Artists Should Rethink Releasing Albums

Zaddy Swag Explains Why Artists Should Rethink Releasing Albums. The South African music industry has been blessed with a rich tapestry of musical creations over the years, and within this vibrant landscape, South African Hip Hop stands out as a shining example of artistic excellence.

Zaddy Swag Explains Why Artists Should Rethink Releasing Albums

With its dynamic fusion of rhythm, rhyme, and cultural expression, SA Hip Hop has carved out its distinct identity, captivating audiences locally and internationally. From the streets of Johannesburg to the townships of Cape Town, the pulse of SA Hip Hop resonates as most rappers graced the culture with a slew of classic albums.

However, as music trends and consumption start to shift, there has been a growing belief that artists should reconsider dropping music albums. This belief stems from several factors influencing the contemporary music landscape.

Taking to Twitter (X), rapper and producer Zaddy Swag expressed that there’s a real reason why artists should no longer drop albums. The famed rapper stated that listeners now consume music differently compared to 2 decades ago.

He suggested that rather than releasing a 16-track album that could quickly become outdated, Zaddy Swag proposed dividing it into four EPs. This approach would result in four separate project releases throughout the year, providing a more sustained presence and engagement with the audience.

“Artists shouldn’t drop albums anymore, the way people consume music is different from how they did 2 decades ago. If you drop that 16 track album, it will be old in two weeks. Rather split it into 4 EPs, that’s enough content for the whole year.” Wrote Zaddy Swag.

Zaddy Swag’s fresh approach to releasing albums could be a breath of air in a music scene that can be samey. It’s a strong reminder that to make it in music, you have to be willing to change things up and be original.

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