Cassper Opens Up On Why He Has Lost Interest In Music

Cassper Opens Up On Why He Has Lost Interest In Music. The untimely loss of AKA dealt a significant blow to the morale of the South African Hip Hop community. Many fans feel that his absence has left a void, impacting not only the music scene but also the dynamics of longstanding rivalries, including that with Cassper Nyovest.

Cassper Opens Up On Why He Has Lost Interest In Music

Taking to X, one of Cassper‘s followers expressed there’s a sentiment that the famed rapper lost interest in making music because of the passing of AKA. “Cass not to offend you or anything, I know you and AKA were never best friends, but I somehow feel you lost interest in making music since his passing, like part of you left with him?” Read the post.

Cassper responded by refuting the notion that AKA’s passing was the cause of his waning interest in music. Instead, he acknowledged that he had come to recognize his tendency to idolize the industry. The rapper emphasized the need to regroup, recharge, and embark on a journey of self-renewal. He assured fans that he would soon return to creating music with renewed vigour.

“I lost interest in music cause I realised that I had made it an idol. I had put it over everything including God. Had to go rebuild, recharge and reintroduce myself to myself as God sees me. Ima be back SOON!! Bangers on the way !!!” Cassper said.

After the launch of his album “Solomon,” Cassper embarked on a tour alongside Nasty C. However, since then, he hasn’t released any new music of his own. Although he made a guest appearance on Nomfundo Moh’s track “Umusa” earlier this year, fans are still eagerly awaiting a solo release from him.

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