J Molley Praises The Big Hash’s Musical Talent Despite Their Rocky History

J Molley Praises The Big Hash’s Musical Talent Despite Their Rocky History. The saga between The Big Hash and J Molley reads like a chapter ripped straight from the tumultuous tales of South African Hip Hop. In a genre where verbal jousting is as common as the rhythm, these two wordsmiths were embroiled in a lyrical skirmish that set the scene ablaze.

J Molley Praises The Big Hash’s Musical Talent Despite Their Rocky History

In the musical landscape of 2020, J Molley dropped “I’m Good,” a track that didn’t just pulse with beats but also carried a veiled jab at fellow rapper The Big Hash. Not one to stay silent, The Big Hash swiftly responded with his own lyrical artillery in the form of “I’m Sorry,” a track that didn’t just answer but also added layers to the unfolding narrative between the two artists.

Jumping ahead to the present, The Big Hash finds himself bathed in the glow of success, thanks to his latest masterpiece, “Heartbreak Hotel.” The album has become a beacon of admiration not only among fans but also within the echelons of the industry, drawing nods of approval even from his former adversary, J Molley.

Taking to X, J Molley heaped praises on The Big Hash’s musical prowess stating that he vowed never to speak down on his name again. “Hash & I May Have Had Our Differences But I’ll Never Deny Talent When I See It. Man’s Always Been One Of My Favorite Artists In SA. A True Musician. I Vow To Never Speak Down On His Name Ever Again. Not That It Means Anything But You Got My Flowers Young King!” Wrote J Molley.

While seasoned rapper Zakwe may have once advocated for beef within the South African hip-hop scene, J Molley’s recent praises to The Big Hash sparked a different kind of reaction. Fans showered him with praise, lauding his words as a breath of fresh air in an arena often clouded by rivalry.

Some pointed out that such feuds have sometimes overshadowed the potential for incredible collaborations, envisioning harmonious tracks like a J Molley and The Big Hash collaboration, or perhaps an A-Reece and Nasty C masterpiece, unencumbered by the constraints of conflict.

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