PdotO Remembers His Father In A Posthumous Birthday Note

PdotO Remembers His Father In A Posthumous Birthday Note. With a touching and deeply personal sentiment, PdotO has honoured his late father on what would have been his birthday.

PdotO Remembers His Father In A Posthumous Birthday Note

Taking to Instagram, the celebrated rapper took a poignant stroll down memory lane, unveiling a cherished wedding portrait of his parents. In a heartfelt tribute, he showered accolades upon his late father, extolling him as the paragon of paternal devotion that shaped his life.

Happy heavenly Birthday To the Greatest father I’ve Ever known. You still A model I Look Up to til today. Thank you for everything You ever Did for Us. Love Eternal. Aaah Ngangatyeba,” wrote PdotO.

PdotO‘s homage stands as a poignant reflection on the timeless journey of grief and the everlasting impact of parental guidance. As his ascent in the music realm persists, his father’s imprint acts as an unwavering catalyst propelling his achievements.

Despite this, PdotO unveiled a musical masterpiece last year under the title “Son Of Nomsa,” a heartfelt tribute to his mother. This profound gesture serves as a luminous testament to the profound bond he shares with both of his parents, illustrating the depth of his familial connections through his artistry.

 The project houses 13 tracks and features from fellow artists such as YoungstaCPT, Imp Tha Don, Kumo Leff and others.

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