Priddy Ugly Ridicules Short Queues At Voting Stations

Priddy Ugly Ridicules Short Queues At Voting Stations. Priddy Ugly stands among the talented cohort of South African hip-hop artists who have made their mark in the music industry and actively participated in shaping the democratic landscape of the country.

Priddy Ugly Ridicules Short Queues At Voting Stations

Today, amidst the historic elections, Priddy Ugly has exercised his fundamental democratic rights with a sense of responsibility and purpose. However, the famed rapper has expressed worries about low voter turnout in some areas of the country.

“Hah bafethu it looks like we gonna be having problems, I voted earlier on and I voted in JHB, I just left Pretoria right now heading back to Jozi. I’ve been to kasi as well today and the voting queues are not long enough. That tells me that either you guys are not going to vote or maybe I’m jumping the gun, you guys are gonna go vote later on,” he said.

“But guys stop dragging your feet and I’m speaking to the youth more specifically. If we’re not willing to stand up and make the right decisions irrespective of what you vote for. You need to understand that if you dont vote that vote of yours is gonna go to somebody that you dont want it to go to. So I think its a bit concerning that the queues are too short,” he added.

Priddy Ugly further shared that he engaged in conversations with the youths in the township, where he discovered that many of them were offering excuses for not going to vote. “I’ve been speaking to some gents talking about ‘eish I can’t find my ID’ ‘eish I need to go look for my ID’ ‘eish they close when I was trying to register’ ‘eish I didn’t have data.’ It’s like you trying to find that ID now? Come on guys we got to be serious.”

The acclaimed Ntja’ka hitmaker emphasized that those who chose not to partake in the voting process should refrain from complaining if circumstances don’t align with their expectations, as their lack of participation implies a forfeiture of their right to influence change.

“Im not trying to scold anybody, I’m not trying to pull up like a taima, but I’m a taima vele and guys we have no right to complain about anything, not working. We’re not actively doing anything to spark the change that we like to see in our environments.”

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