Slikour Applauds Anele Zondo’s “Flawless” ‘VUKA’ EP

Slikour Applauds Anele Zondo’s “Flawless” ‘VUKA’ EP. One of the esteemed figures in the South African Hip Hop scene, Slikour, has stepped into the limelight to share his candid reflections on Anele Ney’s latest EP, “Vuka.”

Slikour Applauds Anele Zondo’s “Flawless” ‘VUKA’ EP

With a discerning ear and a wealth of experience, Slikour delves deep into the musical landscape, offering an insightful analysis tethered with praises. Slikour Siya Metane, a revered figure in the realms of rap and media, offers sincere praise to Ney for her bold divergence from the common routes of global rap conformity, showcasing both his seasoned insight and unyielding honesty.

Amidst a sea of artists embracing familiar sounds and formulas, Ney’s boldness shines through, as she fearlessly charts her own sonic course. “Baddest hyphenate rapper and rapper in general. Globally rappers are making the same kind of songs cause most dont have the skill to deliver on a trap 808, & boom bap beats without falling short,” Slikour said.

“The Anele Zondo EP is a masterclass on how to do it flawlessly. Listen before you @me. Nice one and congratulations on both babies,” he added.

In the wake of musical releases, Friday ushered in a doubly joyous occasion for Anele Ney Zondo as she revealed not only the birth of her EP but also the forthcoming arrival of new life with the announcement of her pregnancy. In a flurry of excitement, messages of heartfelt congratulations flooded in from adoring fans and fellow artists alike, enveloping Ney in a warm embrace of love and support.

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