Tasha Hendrix Drops Lead Single “Waves” Off Forthcoming Album

Tasha Hendrix Drops Lead Single “Waves” Off Forthcoming Album. With the grandeur of a rising tide announcing the long-awaited arrival of her forthcoming album, Tasha Hendrix has unfurled the banner of her musical prowess with the unveiling of her lead single, “Waves.”

Tasha Hendrix Drops Lead Single “Waves” Off Forthcoming Album

Taking to social media, Tasha announced the release of the single, as she began the rollout for her forthcoming album “If I’m Being Really Honest.”

“Waves’ 🌊 OUT NOW💚 1st Single from my upcoming Sophomore Album ‘If I’m really being Honest’💚Stream Waves Here:🔗 Pre Save Here:🔗 #With Love T.H,”
💚 she announced.

Drawing on her personal experiences and the basis of human emotion, Hendrix weaves a narrative that is both deeply personal and universally relatable. “When I wrote this song, I was reflecting on a time where I thought I knew what love is. I was toxic and I allowed toxic people around me for many years. It felt so familiar I didn’t know how to get out of that cycle for so long I was stuck in it,” she said.

“There was a time I loved so hard in an unhealthy way. I always ended up back alone with myself realising one of the hardest truths – that I always knew what it means to love myself really. So I give way too much and I also dont know how to receive because I never thought I was worthy of receiving love at all,” she added.

Tasha took the stage with sincerity, extending her heartfelt sentiments to her devoted fans, expressing her earnest wish that they would find resonance in her song and connect with the personal experiences she depicted in her latest single.

“I hope you can relate. I think we’ve all had a phase in life where we simply didn’t know what love really is and maybe we’ve figured it out or maybe we haven’t. It’s all part of the WAVES,” said Tasha Hendrix.

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