A-Reece Celebrates “Achilles” First Anniversary With Bold Accolades

A-Reece Celebrates “Achilles” First Anniversary With Bold Accolades. Exactly one year ago this month, South African hip-hop royalty A-Reece unleashed his sonic masterpiece, “Achilles,” upon the world.

A-Reece Celebrates “Achilles” First Anniversary With Bold Accolades

The track, lauded for its introspective lyricism, remarkable flow, and undeniable production value, has since taken on a life of its own. Taking to Instagram, A-Reece himself seemingly cemented “Achilles'” legacy with a bold claim.

The rapper celebrated the song’s 1st anniversary stating that it is one of the best rap songs in Africa. “One of the best rap songs to come out of Africa (they won’t tell you that, so I will) is a year old. Happy belated to this piece,” A-Reece wrote.

The track is currently sitting on 900K YouTube views an indication that it received a good reception upon its release. The joint is packed with ingenious wordplay, nods to ancient Greek literature, and sharp-edged verses that cut like daggers directed at two fellow South African rappers.

Set against a minimalist, soulful melody crafted by his frequent partner-in-music, Michael Tuohy, A-Reece kicked off by playing with the notion of “cut” while subtly hinting at the imminent arrival of his highly anticipated album, Paradise 2.

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