Blxckie Introduces ‘KwaSomnyama’ In Partnership With Vodacom

Blxckie Introduces ‘KwaSomnyama’ In Partnership With Vodacom. Blxckie’s success in music didn’t happen overnight. Instead, the rapper had to endure patience and overcome the hurdles that come with the music industry.

Blxckie Introduces ‘KwaSomnyama’ In Partnership With Vodacom

The die-hard Blxckie fans who have chronicled his rise to stardom will once again experience a new evolution in the rapper’s career with the modernized ‘KwaSomnyama’ platform. Taking to Instagram, Blxckiie introduced the ‘KwaSomnyama’ platform in collaboration with Vodacom.

The platform existed before Blxckie’s rise to fame, initially serving as a WhatsApp group for him to interact with his fans. Now, it has been reimagined to offer an inside look into his daily life as a music superstar. This revamped platform will be accessible to Vodacom subscribers.

 “Vodacom gang. tap in ! real ones know this ‘kwasomnyama’ thing started as a whatsapp group. lol that first group of die hard blatts propelled me into spaces i never thought i’d be in. thats also the main inspiration behind the way i interact with yall. now lets take it up a notch.”

“Introducing kwaSomnyama by yours truly, a platform by Vodacom offering exclusive insight into the life of the hottest, the greatest. get mnandi access to personal content, breaking news, behind-the-scenes, live performances, and more. Available only for Vodacom customers. Subscribe for a front-row seat to the best virtual home. ikwaSomnyama la, all are welcome!” Blxckie announced.

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