Jub Jub: “I’ve got nothing to do with Shebeshxt accident”

Jub Jub: “I’ve got nothing to do with Shebeshxt accident.” Jub Jub, whose real name is Molemo Maarohanye, has refuted rumours circulating online that he had a hand in rapper Shebeshxt’s recent car accident.

Jub Jub: “I’ve got nothing to do with Shebeshxt accident”

Shebeshxt was involved in a tragic car accident last week on the R37 Road near Smelters Mine in Limpopo. The tragic incident resulted in the death of his daughter and left him and the child’s mother with severe injuries.

Taking to social media, Jub Jub addressed the claims linking him to the Limpopo rapper’s accident. He clarified that numerous fake Facebook accounts have been created in his name, and some of these accounts are spreading these baseless allegations.

“It has come to my attention through my team that there are a lot of Facebook accounts that have been opened. Now, my Instagram handle is official_jubjub which is the same for TikTok and for Facebook it’s MolemoJubJubMaarohanye I’m wearing a white jacket, I think there are about thousands of followers there,” he said.

“There’s a lot of scammers going around talking about forex this or to make money this and whatnot and all that. Now it has reached now to a point now it’s crossing the boundaries where they are speaking about Shebeshxt’s accident, i really got nothing to do with that, I’ve said nothing about it, I’ve got no opinion, I dont know the boy, I’ve never met the boy and nobody should have an opinion too,” Jub Jub added.

Jub Jub made it clear that people should respect Shebeshxt’s family and allow them to mourn in privacy. “Please let’s let him and his family grieve in peace and respect each other’s privacy. Not only myself has been under attack, but numerous fellow mates as well their brands have been tarnished and they also use their names as well as fake accounts.

“Please help us, make this video do the rounds, place can you help us get to the bottom of this. Please protect us we are people, protect us from scammers as well and people trying to make a quick buck using our faces and our images.”

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