K.O Captures AKA’s Energy As He Advises Up-and-coming Artists

K.O Captures AKA’s Energy As He Advises Up-and-coming Artists. K.O has been a veteran of the game for over a decade, and he has witnessed the ups and downs of the SA hip hop music.

K.O Captures AKA’s Energy As He Advises Up-and-coming Artists

With that vast experience, the famed rapper still wants young artists to tap into the game and make an impact like he did. However, with that in mind, he echoes some words of advice to the up-and-coming artists who are aspiring to reach the same levels as he did.

Taking to Instagram, the famed SkhandaWorld boss shared a video clip listening to AKA‘s hit song “Congratulate” as he gives praises to the late rapper for making music that resonates with the masses. Channelling that same energy, K.O went on and advised young artists to make music that would touch the souls and hearts of their listeners like what AKA did.

“The reason why I’m mentioning Kiernan is because the Mega had it figured out you know. A lot of us from the same school as him shifted it out. How to create the sh*t that moves the needle that’s why we still out here till this day, God bless,” he said.

“I just wanna encourage the younger guys that are still active and even the ones that are still coming. Bro, just try to learn how to make a record that resonates with the people. Dont make music for yourself all the time,” he added.

“Yes music is self-expression but when it’s all said and done we trying to eat, we are trying to feed our families give a reason why the promoter should be on you, rock the crowd, move the needle, have your sh*t do crazy numbers on the streams and radio,” K.O said.

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