Lucasraps Drops New Single “Tell A Friend”

Lucasraps Drops New Single “Tell A Friend.” Lucasraps is back with a brand new single, “Tell A Friend,” and it’s a sign that his upcoming music project “LH3” is shaping up to be a scorcher.

Lucasraps Drops New Single “Tell A Friend”

The new track is a confident statement piece, hinting at a shift in Lucasraps‘ sound. While he’s still bringing the lyrical heat fans loved in tracks like “Without Me,” “Tell A Friend” sees him embracing a more arrogant swagger, all delivered with a smooth flow over a heavy beat.

The song serves as a perfect appetizer for “LH3,” leaving fans eager to hear what the full project has in store. Lucasraps seems to have refined his sound, showcasing a newfound steadiness that complements his signature fire.

With “Tell A Friend” out now, the hype for “LH3” is definitely building. Keep an ear out for more from Lucasraps as he gears up for the release of his body of work. The new single is available on all music streaming platforms.

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