Nasty C Shares How He Has Evolved As A Lyricist Over The Years

Nasty C Shares How He Has Evolved As A Lyricist Over The Years. South African hip-hop heavyweight Nasty C is known for his sharp wordplay and killer flows.

Nasty C Shares How He Has Evolved As A Lyricist Over The Years

But in a recent interview with Deeds Magazine, Nasty C revealed how his lyrical style has transformed, moving from complex structures to a more conversational approach. “My style has evolved significantly. I grew up admiring technical rappers, which influenced my early, more structured style. But over time, I’ve learned to simplify, making my lyrics sound more conversational,” Nasty C said.

He credits his early influences, technical rappers like Lil Wayne and Slaughterhouse, for shaping his initial focus on intricate rhyme schemes and punchlines.

Lyrically, this album marks my evolution. Influenced by technical maestros like Lil Wayne and Slaughterhouse in my formative years, my earlier style was structured and punchline-centric. However, I’ve gradually transitioned to a more conversational style, simplifying my narratives while maintaining their depth.

This shift is evident in Nasty C‘s I Love It Here album, which he described as a turning point in his lyrical evolution.

“This transformation in my lyrical approach has permeated my speech, enhancing my expressiveness and articulation. Though not yet a global sensation, I am confident that international acclaim won’t alter my core identity as an artist rooted in South African culture and hip-hop tradition. My music, visuals, and fashion continually pay homage to my heritage.” He added.

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