DJ Zan-D Marks 10 Years Of Kid X’s Hit Single “Pass N’ Special”

DJ Zan-D Marks 10 Years Of Kid X’s Hit Single “Pass N’ Special.” SA Hip Hop continues to reign supreme when it comes to timeless classics. For well over a decade, the genre has consistently produced a plethora of hit songs, with heavyweight South African rappers upholding the standard of SA rap to unparalleled heights.

DJ Zan-D Marks 10 Years Of Kid X’s Hit Single “Pass N’ Special”

Kid X is among the South African rappers who have elevated rap culture to new heights, with his hit singles serving as prime examples of how SA Hip Hop has fostered not only artists but also profoundly impactful music.

In a tribute to celebrate Kid X’s impact on the culture, SA Hip-Hop veteran DJ Zan-D took a moment to praise the “Aunty” hitmaker for enriching the culture with his timeless hit song “Pass N’ Special,” marking a decade since its release. The famed DJ praised the song for its impact as it also added to the golden era of SA Hip-hop.

“It was on this day 10 years ago when The 88King @KiDXsa dropped ‘Pass n Special’ Produced by Lunatik (The most anticipated 1st single in SA Hip Hop History at the time) This song went on to become a smash hit adding to what is now known as the Golden Era of SA Hip Hop,” wrote DJ Zan-D.

Kid X’s “Pass N’ Special” is a laid-back, upbeat track produced by Lunatik that captures the essence of a carefree hangout with friends. The song’s lyrics revolve around enjoying the moment, chilling with close companions, and simply having a good time. It’s a celebration of friendship and youthful energy. The song’s relaxed vibe and catchy melody contribute to its popularity, making it a go-to choice for a chill atmosphere.

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