Dr Peppa Reflects On Receiving Praises From Riky Rick

Dr Peppa Reflects On Receiving Praises From Riky Rick. Riky Rick’s influence on South African hip-hop extended far beyond his music. The late rapper distinguished himself by actively nurturing new talent and consistently recognizing and celebrating the efforts and contributions of other artists.

Dr Peppa Reflects On Receiving Praises From Riky Rick

One of the artists who Boss Zonke praised was DJ Dr Peppa whom he gave his flowers after he dropped Mntase. “It’s important that we give you a shoutout like this “Mntase” joint it’s one of those songs that you brought people together again.

You did it with “What It Is,” What It Is catapulted Lucas to the next level and at some stage that was the only hip-hop song being played in the club for a whole 6 months or so and people didn’t give you those roses and now you have another record that’s the only hip-hop song that is being played in the club right now, again,” Riky Rick said giving praises to Dr Peppa.

Taking to X, the renowned DJ shared that Riky’s praise was the most meaningful, emphasizing that the late rapper’s absence has left a profound void in the culture. His sentiments highlighted the deep respect and admiration Riky commanded within the hip-hop community and the lasting impact of his contributions.

“The only flowers that ever mattered, always believed in the vision and helping getting it to life. Ur absence is felt in the culture and in our lives. Crazy I don’t do interviews I did this interview to try to inspire you now I watch it to inspire myself,” wrote DJ Dr Peppa.

Even though Riky is no longer there to inspire and put on the up-and-coming artists, Dr Peppa has been doing a tremendous job in working with the young artists with the notable example being his relationship with the Qwellers whom he has worked with on a single titled “Relax.”

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