J Molley: “I’ve been trying to quit music for 8 years”

J Molley: “I’ve been trying to quit music for 8 years.” J Molley is one of the SA rappers who have experienced a topsy-turvy experience throughout his personal and music career. However, it always comes to a point where one has to draw the line and call it quit and the Seven Bottle chanter has done that.

J Molley: “I’ve been trying to quit music for 8 years”

Just a few days ago, J Molley released his final music project titled “Head Hunter,” declaring it to be his last as he announced his retirement from the music industry. Taking to Instagram, J Molley said that he has been trying to quit music for 8 years and the reason behind his retirement is not because of his fallout with Emtee.

“So everyone is wondering that can’t get them in their heads I done already addressed it, I’m not dropping music anymore, I quit. I dont quit over no f**kn Emtee feature or whatever like that, I’ve been trying to quit for 8 years so I quit,” he said.

J Molley recently made a definitive statement on Soundcloud, sharing that the music he just released will be the last piece his fans will hear from him. This marks a significant moment as he closes this chapter of his musical journey.

“The music that is on Soundcloud for you guys it’s the only music you’re ever going to hear from me ever again, you’re not going to hear the song with Blxckie so none of that sh*t, I quit bro, I’m done.”

In addition to quitting music, the former rapper announced that he will be deactivating his social media accounts. However, he will remain accessible online for now, as there is a 7-day waiting period before the deactivation takes effect.

“On that, I’m deactivating my account in like 3 days, I can’t deactivate now because I’ve already deactivated you have to wait for 7 days. I’m going deactivate then you’ll never see me again. If you see me in person dont approach me, dont call me J Molley, dont ask for no pictures. That ain’t me no more, please leave me alone,” he added.

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