J Molley Quits Music With “Head Hunter” Tape Release

J Molley Quits Music With “Head Hunter” Tape Release. J Molley has announced his retirement from music with the release of his latest and final project, “Head Hunt.”

J Molley Quits Music With “Head Hunter” Tape Release

Taking to social media, the famed rapper announced that “Head Hunt” is now available on Soundcloud and that is his last piece of music as he decided to quit music. In the post, J Molley added that he will be deleting his social media accounts as he aims to do away with fame and live his life far away from public scrutiny.

“Head Hunter Tape Out Now! molley%2Fsets%2Fhead-hunter-j-molley This The Last Body Of Work I’m Giving Y’all Since I’ve Decided To Quit. Enjoy Share & Save The Link. Deactivating My Account In 24 Hours 🔪 Y’all Can Keep This Fame Shit, I Don’t Want it. I Make Money, Music A Hobby To Me.” J Molley announced.

J Molley‘s latest 14-track tape features prominent collaborations, including appearances by Emtee and Big Xhosa, adding significant depth to his final lap in his musical journey. The famed rapper was expected to release a joint EP with fellow artist Emtee, but the collaboration did not go ahead as planned with the two were not on the same wavelength during the making of the project.

In a viral video, J Molley expressed disappointment with Emtee’s work ethic, mentioning that the “Roll Up” hitmaker wasn’t keeping pace with their project.

“He did passed out on the couch, he couldn’t put his shoe on. I had three sessions with Emtee in the last week, he couldn’t even rap one bar. I would leave him in the studio so that he do your thing king, come back, motherf** rap four bars in two hours and two of the lines rhyme with each other, so that’s four bars with the same things,” he said.

“So like for the last three sessions with me, I’ve paid for everything, I bought them KFC, I paid for the transport, they pull to the studio, I buy them lean, Emtee is a lean addict and Youngseruno, so I buy lean for them. Whether Emtee is sleeping or he is on Live swearing at his fans that’s what he does best.”

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