Marcus Harvey Drops New Album ‘Now You Know Me’ (NYKM)

Marcus Harvey Drops New Album ‘Now You Know Me’ (NYKM). Marcus Harvey’s highly anticipated album, “Now You Know Me” (NYKM), is finally here. The 10-track project dropped today, July 5th, marking Harvey’s first release under his new label, STAY LOW.

Marcus Harvey Drops New Album ‘Now You Know Me’ (NYKM)

This album follows his critically acclaimed 2020 debut, “I Am Marcus Harvey,” and the 2021 EP, “You Still Don’t Know Me.” “NYKM” promises to be a deeper exploration of self-discovery, according to Marcus Harvey himself.

This journey has not only been one where I have introduced myself to the world, but one where I have also discovered who I am. Thank you to everyone that has been here for me from when nobody knew me to this point.” 

“Now You Know Me” boasts ten tracks, with features from Maglera Doe Boy and 25K. This introspective album promises to be a treat for fans who have been following Marcus Harvey‘s rise and those seeking fresh music.

Marcus isn’t just receiving praise from SA Hip Hop fans; his talent has also caught the attention of his record label boss, Vaughn Thiel. Thiel believes that Marcus has the potential to reach the legendary status of iconic figures like Brenda Fassie. This high praise highlights Marcus’s unique talent and the significant impact he is poised to make in the music industry.

“Any opportunity or anything that ends up coming someone’s way starts in the studio. Marcus is an incredible talent, I think Marcus is an artist that in 30 years will be talking about like Brenda Fassie, and all the legends of our industry.

“I think that’s the kind of an artist that he is and I think when you are that, I think he needs to keep nurturing it, putting Marcus in the right spaces and allow Marcus to be himself and do what he does best,” he said.

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