Nasty C Details The Inspiration Behind The Song “Kill The Noise”

Nasty C Details The Inspiration Behind The Song “Kill The Noise.” South African hip hop heavyweight Nasty C has shed light on the dark inspiration behind his song “Kill The Noise,” from his latest album “I Love It Here.”

Nasty C Details The Inspiration Behind The Song “Kill The Noise”

After numerous fans clamoured for more details, Nasty C decided to share the inspiration behind his song. His revelation came as a response to the overwhelming curiosity and requests from his dedicated listeners, who were eager to understand the deeper meaning and creative process that fueled the track.

In a recent interview for his ILIHLiveExperience, Nasty C discussed the deeper meaning behind one of his songs. He explained that the track narrates a powerful story about silencing the external noise and opinions from others who try to dictate how you should live your life.

“Killing The Noise is a song about killing the noise that you get from external factors or external entities. So it could be people that are telling you to dress a certain way, look a certain way act a certain way and be at certain places even if that’s not what you really want at your core,” he said.

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Discussing the songwriting process, Nasty C explained that the song is about a woman trapped in a world where others dictate how she should live. However, when she chose to silence these external voices, it left her feeling as though she had lost a part of herself.

“The way I wrote it is I turned it into a story of this woman who’s been living with this noise for so long that it’s become a part of her world and it feels like a person that she’s living with like a real person. So when she kills the noise she feels guilty because she feels like she’s killed an actual person.

“So she’s living with that guilt and she’s trying to figure out what’s the next step and the next move is to get rid of this body safely without anyone judging her and find a new way to live. I featured Maglera Doe Boy and Anica to better paint the story and they killed it,” said Nasty C.

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