PdotO Opens Up About His Views On Being Labeled As Underrated

PdotO Opens Up About His Views On Being Labeled As Underrated. PdotO is among South Africa’s rappers who have exhibited and articulated their lyrical prowess to an extraordinary degree. The celebrated artist boasts an extensive discography filled with profound lyrics that showcase his deep musical intellect within the rap scene.

PdotO Opens Up About His Views On Being Labeled As Underrated

Despite consistently releasing introspective music over the years, the “Son Of Nomsa” chanter has often found himself in discussions about underrated South African rappers. His thought-provoking lyrics and deep musical introspection have garnered critical acclaim, yet he continues to be overlooked in broader conversations about rap talent in South Africa.

Speaking during an interview on the Linked Magazine podcast, PdotO expressed that he hates the narrative that he’s underrated. “I hate that narrative,” he said. “I think every artist is new to someone, even Drake, it doesn’t matter how big you are or small. There are people in China who dont give F** who Drake is. Every artist is new,” said PdotO.

“You are only underrated if you have no one listening to you, you know what I’m saying and it’s not the case for me. I usually dont like it when people say that, I have people who like listening to me, I have people who dont like listening to me, and there are people who don’t know who I am. It’s all different types of people,” he added.

During the discussion, the rapper also illustrated how things operate in the USA, where artists can be widely recognized within their local or regional scenes without necessarily achieving global fame. “There’s a lot of things that I love about how the States move.

“There are artists in the States like your Hopson, people that in South Africa dont even know about but they are so big and they have a cult fanbase. Like your Hopson, like your NF, Tech 9 you dont know these guys, but they are big in their section. That’s what I like, finding your audience and just communicating with your audience.” PdotO said.

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