Toya Delazy Designates Saudi As Her Favourite African Artist

Toya Delazy Designates Saudi As Her Favourite African Artist. Toya Delazy has tapped into the discussion about the state of South African hip-hop, this time highlighting who she believes is a shining star in the African hip-hop space.

Toya Delazy Designates Saudi As Her Favourite African Artist

Taking to X, the My City hitmaker expressed her delight at the work being done by SA rappers. stating that Saudi is her favourite artist from Africa. “I think Saudi is my fave male artist like from Africa, why am I only hearing this now joh,” wrote Toya.

Despite praising Saudi‘s music, the Afro-fave singer also recognized other SA rappers who are diligently improving their craft and advancing the SA Hip-hop culture, despite assertions that the genre is in decline. Toya acknowledged the rising star Tony Dayimane and the Zimbabwean-born rapper YUNGTYRAN. “OK Tony Diamaine..” 😘… “Oh my God, YUNGTYRAN, why they lie and SA SA hip hop dead issa lie,” wrote Toya.

With that being said, Toya Delazy also recognized the contributions of the renowned producer MashBeatz, applauding the conscious rap that many SA rappers have recently been releasing.

In addition, she emphasized that artists should refrain from undermining hip-hop with petty beef but rather focus on creating an ecosystem where everyone can benefit from their craft. “It’s so lovely to hear conscious bars, lyrics and melodies, stories from over, y’all don’t kill SA hip hop because beef may the both rest in peace✌🏾 and may the people eat!” She added.

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