And The Most Played Song On South African Charts Goes To: All Eyez On Me!

all eyez on me

Just yesterday when the King was in Nigeria he was talking about how South African rappers are local and that the only way to make it big and get rich is by leaving the South African boarders.

South Africa Won’t Make You Rich…


Well today AKA celebrates being local and making it locally. All Eyez On Me was a hit from the moment we saw BurnaBoy get off that bed and dance for us in the video! We have no ideo how it didn’t make it for song of the year haha.

Anyways All Eyez On Me has become the most played song on South African radio and television. Well done boys you did! AKA just had to take ish to twitter like he always does to have his young “look mama I made it!” moment as always.

So yesterday it was SA won’t make you rich, and today, well today it is.

Most Played Maybe?…

aka all eyez on me 2

We On Top!…

aka all eyez on me

Well done homes even though yesterday you were hating on local rappers.


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