PRO Is Still Alive And Kicking…

Pro  Linda Mkhize

Remember rapper PRO? Yeah? Well he’s still alive and kicking and plans on staying in the rap game the best way he knows how!

PRO was the best sales rep for local and kasi rap having similar rap values to those of Kwesta and Khuli Chana etc rapping in vernacular keeping it local and lekker.

It seems PRO has been quiet for a reason and he recently had an interview with Daily Sun to explain why he’s been quiet and he’s future musical plans.

Speaking to Daily Sun, PRO said: “Things have been a bit slow. I have been doing other things but I am constantly in studio.”

In his personal silence PRO has been featuring on other artists songs and has been killing it.

PRO revealed to Daily Sun that he will release a single by the end of next month. With making his music nothing has changed PRO still has the same production team behind him, which includes Dome and Omen.

PRO further revealed that he will at least release 3 more singles before he releases his album by the end of the year.

Daily Sun the asked PRO why he’s been absent from the game and he replied by saying: “To be honest my silence was intentional. I have been observing and wanted to hear how far the new stars can carry the sound.

“I also don’t believe in releasing every day. Like my best artist of all time, Sade. She has three albums but is still one of the most loved and relevant stars to date.”

PRO also looks forward to having a national Hip Hop tour with fellow Hip Hop musicians.

He said: “I want to challenge people and not just make music. I want to see kids going to school, staying off drugs and developing their minds.

“The closer I am to my community, the safer I feel, as those are our people.”

PRO has been working with the City of Joburg to try and uplift communities by creating skate parks etc.

He said: “As always, I am going to keep things genuine, the same old me. I don’t compromise when on stage.”

PRO will be performing tomorrow at Analogue Nites events in Joburg. PRO will be joined by Rocking Magesh, Golden boys Black Motion and DJ Kenzhero.

What do you think about PRO’s come back plans?


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