Riky Rick Achieving Big Things One Dream At A Time!

Riky Rick has to be one of the greatest examples to up and coming artists in the Hip Hop industry. Riky came out with his music and many did not understand him or his visions.

Since his come back Riky has been achieving great things for himself, with the release of his Boss Zonke video and revealing the art work for his upcoming album he’s been the talk of the industry really.

To some an artist is defined by the type of gigs they book, the bigger the gig the bigger the artist. Riky Rick took the time to reflect on how just last year he wasn’t considered to be a “big” artist and this year after all the hard work Riky can finally say “Look Mama I Made It!”

He posted a picture on Instagram to express how grateful he is for how far he has come, last year the rapper wasn’t allowed to perform at AxcessJozi and well this year he dominated the stage and the masses.

Riky is full proof that hard work brings true joy, from a ‘nobody’ to one of the biggest rappers in South Africa.

Riky and Reazus…

axcess jozi riky ricky

“Inspiring Story:
Last year this time the homie @reasonhd_ invited me to perform with him at #AxecessJozi. The Organizer of the gig didn’t wanna let me through the backstage because he didn’t know who the hell I was. I pleaded with him but had no luck convincing him. Eventually I managed to slide through and jump on the stage after reason already announced I couldnt make it due to my baby momma being sick.

This year, 12 months later….. Dreams Do Come True #FamilyValues

Pic by: @onair_ent for @channelotv


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