Nomuzi Mabena On Her Rap Career: “I didn’t get into this game to play around.”

nomuzi mabenaaa

We all love Miss NoMoozlie, not because she’s one woman that had the guts to go bald and rock it but because of her awesome personality and the way she interacts with everyone in the industry.

Nomuzi Mabena is definitely one of the best MVP’s Mtv has ever had and maybe just maybe that’s why she’s been around for so long.

Most people basically know her has the Skhanda Queen and people didn’t understand why she’s a part of CashTimeFam if she’s not a rapper. NEWS FLASH with the release of Se7en by Kid X featuring Nomuzi we all got to see a completely new side to this awesome beaut.

K.O, the father of CashTime, has basically promised us an album from Nomuzi before the end of this year! Let’s just hope he lives up to that promise.

Miss CashTime recently had a Twitterview with online entertainment site slikouronlife and when she was asked if we should expect more music from her Moozlie simply said: “I didn’t get into this game to play around. Plus I’m signed to the hit factory so you can definitely expect more”

We most certainly look forward to hearing what she has in store for us and hopefully with her rap career she becomes rap queen.

Check out some of Nomuzi’s responses to the Twitterview questions below:


nomuzi 3

Play No Games…

nomuzi mabena career


practice nomuzi


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