DJ Cleo Also Has #1stDayGold Dreams!

cleoo man

DJ Cleo is set to release his new album Eskhaleni later this year and well the DJ has big dreams for his new work.

It looks like iFani has really set the bar high for South African musicians for the year 2015 and oh by the way, iFani wasn’t the first to go 1stDayGold. Cleo says he’s done it before with his 1st and 2nd albums, clearly we don’t all know about because well we weren’t active on Twitter and Instagram back then…Hahaha!

Cleo took to social media to share his first day Gold dreams with everyone, the DJ even went as far as spotting the very same glasses that the ‘Ewe’ hit maker iFani is always seen in. Now if Cleo has done this before, TWICE, surely he can do it again right? Or is there something he’s hiding from us about his sponsors? LOL…AKA please do tell us the truth!

All we can do now really is wait for Cleo to announce the album release date and lets see if his dreams will come true.

Let’s Do It Again…

dj cleoo

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