Khabonina From Queen Of Fitness To Twerk Queen!

Khabonina fitness

Hey guys, Khabonina has a music career too!

We all know that Khabonina has basically been crowned the Queen of fitness and flexibility but who knew that she’ll be challenging Queen Twerk.

Khabo has been hitting for the past few weeks that she’s working on a music video for her single Shake Booty and well the video is finally out and we must say damn, Khabo deserves all the crowns that she owns, girl is fit as hell!

Her Shake Booty video is basically about getting off your ass and working out and maintaining the body that your mamma gave you and it’s about Khabo’s love for fitness and dance.

Well that’s enough said from us, watch the video for yourself below and tell us what you think of Khabo’s single and her Twerking.

Shake Booty…


khabo shake booty

#Julukmentality 🔥🔥🔥


khaboo skake booty 2

Woke up SO inspired today !!!! And YOU are a HUGE part of my inspiration !! So I shot an awesome music video for this jam –> #ShakeBooty produced by @iamtrompie #Beatmachine !!! Video shot by @PilotFilms ! The quality & fitness concept is BRILLIANT under the direction of this amazing YOUNG POWERFUL LADY–> @director_kit !
Then we got the news … ” Sorry, We can’t play your #ShakeBooty Music video coz it promotes your health & fitness project …” !! Wow ! Ok said I ! – ( guess I understand )
*Damn shoulda done one on alcohol / half naked girls / clubbing , maybe THAT coulda done the trick?* LOL !!! (Jokes ! Relax fam…) Anyway… I CANT BE STOPPED !!! I did this video mainly for YOU to see & enjoy & critique … I’m releasing it on @YouTube In a few days !!! YOU MUST SEE THIS !! #iLoveYouAndYourBody ❤️❤️❤️ ps. The stunt you see here #JeepSplit happens LIVE on the #ShakeBooty music video! #NotVanDamme but #KhaboVanDAMN 😂 tiffbedancin @tinarossouw783 @trueracheltrue @yogaracheal @moseiyobo


khabo skake booty 3


Performing to camera !!! #ShakeBooty will be on @YouTube in s few days ….YOU MUST SEE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!! #NotVanDamme but #KhaboVanDamn !!!! 💪💪💪



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