Rapper Reason Releases A Documentary About Endurance And Chasing Your Dreams


Even with all the negative that’s surrounding the Hip Hop space at the moment there’s actually some positive influences out there from some Hip Hop artists.

Rapper Reason is all about inspiring others and letting them know that with endurance you can achieve anything. The rapper plans on dropping his music video for his song Endurance tonight but in the meantime Reason has released a documentary about endurance.

The doccie features celebrities such as DJ Fresh, Sammy Sosa and TV personality Luthando Shosha. The celebrities share all their struggles and challenges that they faced before making into the industry and they express what endurance means to them.

In one of his Instagram posts Reason joked about the video going GOLD and he has this to say: “I’m pretty sure we wont go #GOLD with this… But I am pretty sure we’re gonna touch and inspire #YOU. This is my documentary #ENDURANCE, on Please check it out. Enjoy it. And share it.Thank you...”

Check out Reason’s Endurance video below:


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