Rapper Zakwe Angry About His Album Being Pirated Just Two Days After Being Released!


You would think that after all these years something has been done about piracy right? But no artists out there are still being cheated out of getting the money that’s rightfully theirs.

Rapper Ntokozo Zakwe being one of those artists in question is heartbroken that his album barely made it a week in music stores before being pirated to be sold on the streets.

Zakwe says that he’s saddened by this because he had spent two and a half years working on his album ‘Impande’ only for it to be sold on street corners for half the price that he had valued it at.

Speaking to Daily Sun the rapper had this to say: “I worked hard on my album and for someone to just steal it is frustrating.

“My album first leaked online just two days after its release.

“Someone bought it on iTunes and decided to put it on the internet for people to download for free.”

Zakwe says that he was even more hurt when he saw the pirated copies of his album being sold on the streets of Durban.

Velile Sithole, who is the owner of record label Native Rhythms that Zakwe is signed to, said the situation was very disappointing for them.

“Piracy is not easy to solve but some companies have been lending us a hand to sort this out,” she said.

Damn, it’s not cool when someone works really hard to put their art out there only to have other people reap the benefits from it.

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