DJ Black Coffee To Replace DJ Kent On 5FM’s The Ultimix!!

simply black coffee

So we were all very upset when we received the news that DJ Kent will be leaving The Ultimix at 6 on 5FM, because honestly there’s no better house music show available on radio at the moment.

Well fear not my house heads because 5FM has found the best replacement for Kent to keep on serving us with good music.

It has been announced that DJ Black Coffee has officially joined the 5FM team and will be taking over the Ultimix at 6 from Kent.

This is great news for us because we don’t have to pay anything to go watch the king of house (not that we’re complaining though), but it’s even better news for 5FM because we’re pretty sure that their listeners will increase enormously.

“Black Coffee and I have been chatting about doing this for some time now. Fridays on the 5FM Happy Hour will be a great new place for him to show case his new beats,” Roger Goode, said in a statement.

Coffee’s first mix on the show will air this coming Friday. Are you ready?

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