Samkelo Ndlovu Plans To Focus On Her Music Career More


Yes guys, life moves on from the eyebrow saga!

Samkelo Ndlovu has revealed that she plans to focus on her music career a little more this year and has promised that she’ll be releasing something for her fans soon.

Judging from the Insta video’s we’ve seen of Samkelo singing there’s no doubt that the Rhythm City actress is also musically talented. Oh wait, she also featured on DJ Kent’s Vertigo track not so not ago so a step into music isn’t so surprising.

Talking to V-Entertainment about when she will release her music Samkelo said: “I cannot say when I will release, but it’s in the near future.”

She then made it very clear that she’s not leaving her acting career any time soon but that she’ll be focusing on both career paths equally.

“Nine productions down the line, I can never leave it. People know me as an actress and I don’t think it will ever go away. I will always be Samkelo the actress, but now I will be Samkelo the actress who sings.”

We really can’t wait to meet Samkelo the actress that sings!

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