Top 5 SA Hip Hop Videos Of 2015.

The hip hop music video’s seem to be getting better by the day and since we have reached the halfway mark of 2015 we have decided to compile a Top 5 Hip Hop Videos list:

5. AKA – Sim Dope

Sim Dope gives us a glimpse of the life of the 3rd World Boss. You seen him at his gigs, footage of him winning his Metro Award and a lot of the footage is highlights of AKA’s tour life. The most memorable scenes are when he is celebrating with his boys and he stays in normal speed while everyone around him is in slow motion.

4. Khuli Chana – 9 Shots

‘9 Shots explores Khuli Chana’s metaphorical journey from anger to forgiveness. It further explores the oscillation he experienced between hopelessness to hopefulness as the very public and often very dramatic journey unfolded.’ – Sheila Afari PR

The video might seem like not much is going on if you don’t pay close attention to the symbolism.

3. K. O ft Nandi Mngoma – Skhanda Love

Shanda Love is on this list because of the great story telling done through the visuals. You can literally play the video while the song is on mute and understand the story in full. The video tells a story about a young couple from the hood facing several difficult situations but still stay together because they have gangsta love.

2. Anatii ft AKA – The Saga

He says his getting turned on a Sunday but we see him in a Church? Irregardless of the conceptual bipolar, the shots and editing of this video are undeniably ahead of their time.

1. Ricky Rick – Boss Zonke

Boss Zonke is a world class video that does not paint a picture of anywhere else on earth but Mzansi. The video was shot in Durban and is a breath of fresh air.

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