YAY! Riky Rick Is Working On A Music Video For #Sondela!

riky riky riky rick

So apparently this happened like 5 days ago on Riky Rick’s Instagram and we didn’t notice it? HOW?

Well that’s besides the point, if it’s not Skanda Love then Sondela has to be like everyone’s favourite love tune at the moment.

It took a while for Riky to get back on his feet and well he’s finally done it collaborating with Zano on a love song was a step in the right direction and now they just making the song even bigger by working on a music video for it. Check out the sneak previews of the behind the scenes that Riky Rick shared with us on Instagram, we honestly can’t wait!

The King Himself!…


The World Is Yours….. Chase your dreams until you can provide your family with the #UpperLife!!! What are you saying now?? #Sondela #FamilyValues

Zano On Set…

sondela 2

Cc: @pilotfilms 🙌🏽 we got one!!!!



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