Okmalumkoolkat Talks Growing Up In Dubane, Being Addicted To Clubbing And More

Okmalum recently dropped his 100k MaCassette tape and has received great feed back to this point. Some are even calling it the most thought out project this year which is a big deal because Tumi dropped earlier on.


“When I was young I wanted to be Chinese because of the Martial Arts and Kung Fu” says Malum. “I started dancing and I formed a group when i was in grade 9. When I started writing my raps were whack actually haha, because my mom keeps all my books and when I go through them I say aaaaah cause it wasn’t me you know, it was what I wanted to be.”

Okmalum also talks about how he was so addicted to going out and that’s why he had to move to Jo’Burg. Check out the full interview:

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