“I have singlehandedly captained the ship for SA Hip Hop on SA Radio” Says AKA

The Baddest was released a week after the controversial Composure was released. Composure was more relevant than The Baddest at the time and we had several influential media people talk about how he made a mistake by releasing them at the same time.

AKA black swagg

Since then Baddest has become the biggest song on SA radio and is sitting on number one on the Channel O top 30 charts and the Trace top 30 aswell. “I have easily been the biggest SA Hip Hop artist on radio over the last 2 years …. By far” said AKA.

#1 on Metro FM’s Top 30:

AKA number1

biggest SA Hip Hop artist on radio:

AKA numer1..

These are not thumb sucked opinions:

AKA numer

These experts know all about it:

AKA numberr

Thank you to the fans:

AKA numberrrr

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