10 Things We Know So Far About Okmalumkoolkat’s Imprisonment

So we all heard about the Okmalumkoolkat incidence which has had him imprisoned for over 30 days now. There has been limited information on the case so we decided to compile a list of 10 things we do know about the incident:

okmalumkoolkats imprisonment

1. Okmalumkoolkat a.k.a Simiso Zwane was accused for sexually “mauling” a fellow artist who was asleep in her Hobart hotel room.

2. Malumkoolkat pleaded guilty.

3. Okmalum was jailed for a month despite his defence pushing for a fine so he could leave the country.

4. The Smart Mampara had gone out drinking after performing at Hobart’s pre-eminent cultural festival MOFO where he returned from to his hotel about 5.30am but was drunk and unable to find his way into the Old Woolstore.

5. Crown prosecutor Rebecca Lancaster said he entered the victim’s hotel room through an external sliding door that she had inadvertently left ajar.

6. Malum had never met the victim before.

7. The victim woke up with Smiso in her bed kissing her neck and rubbing his hands over her private parts. He then told her “don’t make any noise”, Ms Lancaster said.

8. Lawyer Steven Chopping said Zwane was “remorseful, ashamed and embarrassed” by the crime and had been jet-lagged, intoxicated and confused at the time.

9. He sentenced Zwane to six months jail with five months suspended.

10. Malum would have to declare his criminal history whenever he applies for a foreign visa.

NB. Don’t cucify Okmalumkoolkat for his mistake, especially before we have heard his side of the story!

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