JR Announces Upcoming Single And Album

SA Hip Hop has been growing at a rapid pace in the last couple of years and JR has been involved with a lot if not 60% of the radio hits. The rapper has been putting out singles of his own and we have seen the impact he has had.

jr vu

There’s not doubt that JR is one of the most creative artists in our industry and he is definitely a leader in the way that he does things. Last year we saw JR signing Vuzu Hustle’s Shane Eagle and also releasing the smash hit Deny which features Anatii and is currently sitting on 47 000 views on Youtube.

JR has taken his time with his upcoming album and we should expect a fire when it drops. The rapper sent a tweet saying he has an album and a new single are on the way. “Brand new single cometh brace thyself to be fornicated in thy ear!! —————————-> an ALBUM as well” saying JR.

Brand new music:

JR Album

Real music stuff:


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